Spring Break

With spring break close upon us, I am reminded of how this is the last one I will have, and I am also reminded of my two favorite trips. My first year at LMU I spent my spring break at home with my family, and for the last weekend of it I traveled with my Youth Group to the Abbey Youth Festival in Louisiana. It was during this trip that I was considering converting to Catholicism and made a point to keep my mind open to all the information I was about to receive. We left from our Church in Memphis in the early afternoon, it was a Friday and we had to wait on some of the group to get out of school. The trip to the hotel was long and exhausting; I have long legs and sitting in a cramped space for a long period of time causes me some pain. Once we finally got to the hotel it was almost midnight, and our Youth Leaders were handing us room keys and assignments and telling us to go directly to sleep. The Youth Leaders also put tape on all of the doors to make sure that no one left in the middle of the night or did anything they were not supposed to.

Dancing to music at Abbey Fest

Dancing to music at Abbey Fest

I was the oldest of the group going and I had been trained with the Church to be able to work with the Youth Group; so I had been granted an Assistant Youth Leader title, but in all honesty I was friends with everyone from high school and did not have much authority. As soon as my group got into the room I went to take a shower while everyone else got settled in. As soon as I turned the water off I heard screaming coming from the room. I put my clothes on as fast as I could and ran out of the bathroom to see my roommates standing as far away from the beds as they could get. “What’s wrong?” I asked as I stepped towards the bed, but once I looked at the upturned sheets I knew what they were yelling about. Our beds had different kinds of bugs on them. I called the Youth Leaders and they quickly talked to the front desk and had us moved into another room, where we inspected our new beds extra carefully before finally going to sleep.

The next morning I got up and woke up my roommates. We all got back onto the bus and drove to the Abbey where it was being held. As soon as we walked into the open fields with all of the vendors set up, the giant stage with music playing, and seeing all of the other youth groups spread out on tarps on the lawn I was awestruck. We listened to Catholic comedians, musicians, public speakers, and we attended a church service. As I wrote about before, it was here that I realized that this was my faith and where I belonged. The trip back I was all abuzz with everything that had happened and I truly do hope to be able to go back again.

Us at the Missouri state line

Us at the Missouri state line

The spring break that I had last year, I will always remember as one of the best trips I ever took with my friends. My sophomore year a whole group of my friends went to a beach and told me that they did not have enough room for me. I was hurt by this, and spent the break with my family doing other fun things but it just wasn’t the same. Around the beginning of my spring semester of junior year, my friends started planning out their spring break plans. These, again, did not include me. I told my parents that I just wanted a really fun spring break, to which my parents told me that for spring break I was allowed to bring three friends home, and that my parents were going to buy us all season passes to Six Flags St. Louis. I immediately asked Heather, and then Ashley, and then our Kappa sister Hallie.

The trip started by Ashley and me leaving LMU to pick up Hallie in Knoxville (Heather had left early for home because she did not have classes). We then went to Heather’s house in Nashville where we spent the night. The next morning we left for Memphis! We spent two days in Memphis: one day was devoted to shopping and the other we went sight-seeing. We spent the day at the Memphis Zoo, where the animals were all out to see! After the zoo we went to Beale Street and ate at Hard Rock Café, where they let us go on the stage. Our car trip to St. Louis, Missouri, for Six Flags and sight-seeing was cramped with every seat filled by the four of us, plus my sister Kristianne. Luckily, our van has a DVD player and we spent the trip watching Forrest Gump and the Game of Thrones series.

Us on Beale Street

Us on Beale Street

Our first day in St. Louis, we went to the City Museum, which is basically a giant playground. I asked my parents to take us there because it looked so interesting online, and they were onboard. We soon realized that it was a huge attraction, filled to the brim with people, and that the playground contraptions for the most part were rusted and made us nervous. Overall it was an interesting experience, but we were much more eager to go to The Arch. We had to wait an hour or so before we could go up inside it, but the wait was so worth it! It was so amazing to be up so high and be able to see the whole city! Sight-seeing in St. Louis was awesome, but going to Six Flags the next day did not compare to the excitement that erupted from me! We went on all the rides we possibly could and spent the day thoroughly exhausting ourselves. The next day when we left to go back to Memphis, I was completely content with what was without a doubt the best spring break ever! When the trip was all over, it was Easter Sunday and I spent it with Ashley’s family, and it was truly the best end to one of the best weeks of my life.

This year for spring break, I am bringing home most of my stuff that I won’t need for the rest of semester to make my move out a little easier. I’m going to spend a couple days with my best friend Heather and her family in Nashville. While in Memphis I know that I will be filling out and sending off graduation invitations, but I’m going to spend time with my parents and sisters.

What was your best spring break trip? Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

Love always,

Miss Kim


One thought on “Spring Break

  1. That was a great spring break for us too! Getting to know your girlfriends was wonderful – they were so much fun! Keeping writing – even after you graduate, you have a real talent for this! Love you!

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