Beam me up, Scotty, I want to explore!


Michael Dorn as Worf

I have a guilty pleasure that, while my friends often joke with me about it, I embrace. I love Star Trek; I love everything about it! The only way I can really describe my love of Star Trek, is that I was born into it. My parents have every season of every series, plus all of the movies, as well as Star Trek versions of Settlers of Catan and also Monopoly. My parents have been to conventions, and my mom has met Michael Dorn, who played the character Worf. I grew up watching the shows and movies and I formed my own opinions about it, and I can agree that I share the love parents have for it.

Some may think this is dorky, but the values in this series are admirable. For those who don’t know, the basic premise of Star Trek is a future in which there are no more wars. People have advanced and matured far beyond our current existence in both technology and diplomacy. The Star Trek Federation is not a military, it is more like a training school for scientists, pilots, and explorers. The show’s plot shows the voyages of explorers who want to find new planets and peoples, and they help all peoples wherever they can. The point of the show is to share peace and knowledge with all peoples. For a television show whose inception was in the 1960s, this is a pretty poignant theme.

My love of Star Trek stems from me sharing the same values; I believe in equality for all people, and hope for a future with no wars, but an aim to help all people and explore all aspects of this magnificent life we’ve been given. As a child of the military (my father was a Commander in the US Navy for almost my entire life), war and terrorism are a constant reminder that safety is always the most pressing concern. I often dreamed of living in the Star Trek world, where I did not have to worry about being safe. I would live on a peaceful Earth where education advanced exponentially, and where everything was so unbelievable on Earth that we fueled our resources into exploring the galaxy to help others who needed it, as well as expand our knowledge. The people of Star Trek never stopped learning, and that is what I want.


Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock

LMU is my home, and I am a part of groups here that let me express my beliefs without judgment. I am not always around those groups, though, and I can admit that sometimes I feel like an alien among the masses because I think differently from most people. I have been a part of intellectual discussions that became hostile and this disappoints me greatly because I believe that LMU is an open vessel; people can come together and bring what makes them so unique to the masses and shape LMU’s future. I know that not everyone is receptive to my beliefs and experiences, but that will not dampen any plans I have for my future! Nothing that people can say will make me not want to live in a future where all people have an equal opportunity to strive, as well as having the luxury of safety.

When I came to LMU, I knew that I wanted to be a nurse because I wanted to help people. I learned very quickly that I do not have to be a nurse to help people, and I shifted my focus to accounting and business, where I excel and enjoy the material. I know that I want to pursue a Masters of Business Administration because I am not done learning, and that getting a graduate degree will help me be more knowledgeable in my field that will, in turn, allow me to be more helpful to others. I’m choosing to work toward a profession that will allow me a steady future. I have always wanted to be independent, but I also want to explore. International accounting has recently intrigued me; I have been looking into International Financial Reporting Standards and comparing them to US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles to see the differences and if I could grasp them to work overseas in accounting. I know, when you think of an explorer you do not generally think of an accountant. Well, let me change that for you. I, Kimberly Chaffin, want to be a successful accountant, and I also want to see the world. You better believe that I am going to do both!

What are your future plans? Do you believe in the Star Trek beliefs like I do? Remember to like this post and follow my blog, and please leave me a comment!

Love always,

Miss Kim


One thought on “Beam me up, Scotty, I want to explore!

  1. Again, well written! I think the life we gave you with the many opportunities you were given with the travels from the west coast to the east coast, and overseas has made you the explorer that we as a family enjoy being. Keep writing – you are excellent!

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