These Are a Few of My Favorite Things . . . About Being a Railsplitter

When I go back home to my friends and family in Memphis I occasionally get asked “what is your favorite thing about LMU?” This can be a difficult question, because there are so many amazing things I have been a part of at LMU, but overall my answer is simple: The people. My favorite thing about LMU is every single Railsplitter that makes the student body dynamic so amazing! There are numerous groups on campus and I am proud to say that I occupy I bunch of them.


This year was my first year with the volleyball team, and I learned so much about student athletes that I would never have understood before. From what I saw with the volleyball team,

I am proud to be a part of LMU VB!

I am proud to be a part of LMU VB!

these are incredibly dedicated students who are constantly trying to improve themselves. As Manager/Student Assistant for the team, I went to every practice, game, and team event that I could. This includes 5am practices everyday for the first two weeks of school! I got to know the girls the best when we were on the road and in the hotels. The stories they told on the bus and in the rooms made me see them in a very different light. Up until then the majority of my time was spent with the Kappas and honestly people outside of the Greeks seemed incredibly different, but they are not. What I love best about the volleyball team is that during every game you can always hear the girls on the bench yelling out encouragement, and it’s obvious that they have each other’s back, and I know that they also have mine!

Business School/Accounting Student

I’ve always pictured the Business School as a giant extended family, and my immediate family being my fellow Accounting majors. It is easy to have conversations with many students in business school because our core classes are such a major part of school that we all share. There have been many times that my classmates will ask me about assignments, other teachers, what classes to take, and even if I do not really know the person it feels good to talk to them about this because I know that I will be helping them out and also create an acquaintance/friend. My Accounting classes have a nuclear dynamic to them, and everyone knows each other because we go through all of the classes together, practically. There are two main teachers in Accounting; both are incredibly different but I truly enjoy both of their teaching styles equally. Having just two Accounting teachers is such a blessing because I have become close to both of them, and I feel very comfortable asking them questions.

Greek Life

closed rush funny

Active Kappas – Homecoming 2013

Being a Kappa (and a Greek) has been a wonderfully strange experience. For example, after I became an active member of the Kappas, I developed this instantaneous bond with other Greeks.  While we may not have experienced the same pledging process, we all have completed traditions that had been around since the 1920s. When I was a new active, rivalry was pretty strong among the Greeks, but over the last three years we have come together to support each other. It took awhile, but we finally realized that even though we are different organizations, we are all Greek, and in the end that is most important. As a Kappa I have done more community service projects than I had before in high school. Our philanthropy is Forge Ridge Elementary, and we do community service activities with the school every month. Om addition to Forge Ridge, we also do several other service activities in the community. You can check out my Halloween post here about our Halloween community service activity. We also provide Thanksgiving dinners to families in need in the area, we pick up several angels from the angel tree at Wal-Mart, and this year we donated to help give aid to the Philippines.


LMU Heather is my best friend, and my pledge sister (which means that we became Kappas together in the same semester). We have been through almost every college experience together, and I just wanted to tell the world how much I love her and will miss her when she graduates this December. Heather was the first roommate I had that I got to pick, and living with her was so much fun! We would have movie nights, she listened to all of my stories, we helped each other study, and most importantly she put up with my snoring! Seriously, though, she is the best friend I have ever had and I’m so proud of her! You should go congratulate her on her graduation, because believe me, she has worked very hard to get here!


Sporting our Kappa pride!


Looking good at Open Rush

These are just a few of my favorite things, and I will most likely touch bases on others in upcoming posts! I’d love to know what your favorite thing about LMU is! Leave me a comment/question down below, and don’t forget to follow my blog!

Love Always,

Miss Kim


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